Digital gate: Smart lock acts as your personal doorman

December 15, 2016

***Originally published on the Fox News Tech Section HERE

With over 23 million Americans falling victim to package theft last holiday season, ‘holiday porch pirates’ are projected to be at an all-time high and the old-fashioned lock and key might not be keeping up with the job.

The Gate smart lock, built by two former Google Glass engineers, can change the way people allow access and protect their home by offering an all-in-one solution to home access. This innovative device features a physical lock which has incorporated facial recognition software​, a ​keypad for remote key-less access, 2-way enabled audio, real-time motion activated video monitoring, and time stamping. These features are packaged neatly into a single standalone device so homeowners can manage their front door from anywhere.

photo credit: Gate Labs:

The Gate smart lock allows the user to manage everything from their phone. “Over the last two years we have built a hardware that will directly connect to your home wifi and has a motion activated camera so if somebody comes to your door, you would get a notification to your phone,” said Gate CEO Ehsan Saeedi. “You can see who is there through a real-time video camera that is on the door, you can talk to them through the app, and you can open the door for them.”

photo credit: Gate Labs:

Saeedi also told how the device can be ideal for Airbnb hosts, dog walkers, package deliveries, working parents to check on their kids, and home guests…..READ IT HERE

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