Resources I used to pass the AWS Solutions Architect — Associate Certification Exam

August 29, 2018

I recently passed the AWS Solutions Architect Associate Exam and would like to share some of the resources I used to study for the exam. I used 2 different online courses to study, did the labs included with those courses, & took a few practice tests.

Background: My goal when studying was to really understand and be able to use what I learned on the job. I currently work as a web developer so I do not work on the DevOps end on a daily basis — hence, I had a lot more studying to do than someone who is probably working on the DevOps end. The resources I used helped me get an in depth understanding not just to “pass” the exam but rather to really be able to use the services available on the job.

#1: Udemy: AWS Certified Solutions Architect — Associate [FEB 2018] Course by DolfinEd

One Stop Shop: This is a very in depth course & covers everything you need to pass the exam. It includes labs and over 60 hours of on-demand video. I personally enjoyed the structure & highly recommend this course not just for people looking to take the exam, but for people also looking to get a better understanding of certain services & concepts on AWS.

#2: A CLOUD GURU: Certified Solutions Architect — Associate 2018

I am a huge fan of A CLOUD GURU, and as the name states: they are the gurus. They offer a vast array of courses for so many different certifications (not just AWS). I am also a member of their site as I love their weekly AWS update videos called ‘AWS this week’ among many other resources they have available. I highly recommend this course!

If you haven’t already, definitely check out all the amazing courses available on their site. Their videos are never too long and very visual. If you are looking to always stay in the know and work in the field — A CLOUD GURU is your best friend.


The courses listed above have practice questions but if you are looking for more practice exams, here a few resources:


Includes 6 full length mock exams, explanations for every question, etc..

Official AWS Practice Exams

AWS offers an official online practice exam. It can be scheduled in the same way that you would schedule the real exam.

— — — — — -

This was a quick overview of the resources I used to study. Hope this helped! Feel free to ask me any questions by messaging me on Instagram.

**Keep an eye out for a blog post which will include all my notes for the AWS Solutions Architect — Associate Exam.

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