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ES6 JavaScript: Understanding Let & Const

December 27, 2018


There were many updates brought by ES6. One of the Syntax updates introduced was the concept of declaring variables with let andconst instead of var

To understand whylet & constwere introduced, we must first understand how var works & the concept of hoisting → That being said, here are the 5 questions we will cover in order:

  1. HOW DOES VAR...

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THE BEGINNER’S GUIDE: Build a simple Chrome Extension in minutes

January 06, 2016

“I don’t know where to begin!”

That’s how I felt only a few hours ago when I tried to figure out how to start building a google chrome extension. After taking the leap of faith and diving in to some documentation, I was pleasantly surprised and I hope you will be too. Here’s why..

Google Chrome has some great tools that can help you...

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